“I like the idea of living OffGrid” I heard myself saying to my father several years ago.  Since then I have been reading and studying and trying to wrap my head around just what that actually means, for me.  For some people, this means no bills or dependencies on city, county, state or even federal services.  No power grid connection.  No dependence on city water or sewage.

For me, that is a near impossibility.  I live in an apartment in a fair sized metropolitan area.  And for a long time, I have been a collector of stuff.  Stuff I really do not need.  Stuff I have used only once or twice.  And stuff left over from previous versions of my life when I had a family who was far from interested in living free of dependency services.  In addition, my ‘comfort level’ will include some services I either can not or do not want to provide for myself.

Now, OffGrid for me is still a bit cloudy and foggy image, but I do know these things about my OffGrid goal:

  • No bill for a service I can provide for myself (Difficult goal to achieve, in a metro apartment.)
  • No extra weight (Why do I have 4 different can openers AND an electric one?)
  • A certain level of comfort (I’m still refining this, and it will change over time.)
  • Minimizing expenses (Why am I paying for a service that is not getting me closer to my goals?)

And for each person, this list will be different.  The extremes of their vision will be different.  The purpose of this site is to help each of us identify the questions we need to know and the answers that make sense for us.  Some of us will be more interested in staying in their current home, but be interested in topics about energy saving.  Or how to add a backup-generator for emergency situations.

So, join in the discussions.  Have something interesting to share that helped you please share it.  We will all be the wiser for the participation.