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A few thoughts I wanted to share, after a conversation with a WordPress develop, today.

I was speaking with a WordPress developer, today, about this site, it’s purpose and the look and feel of the current theme in place.  I like the clean, high contrast, simple theme, but to many people it just does not work for them.  It turns them off and in most cases scares them off.  The world is not black and white.

Anyway, back to my conversation, today.  This nice, young lady is a marketing and communications major at a local university, here in Indianapolis.  I showed her the website and she was excited that is was so ‘empty and blank’. She referred to it as blank slate.  Which does not bother me, because all of that is true enough.

What did bother me was the look and expression on her face, when she took a moment to start reading the content.  That first page of the site, where the purpose of the site is explained?  Yeah, that page.  Well, it totally and completely set her off.  She started in with so many clichés and pre-programmed thought patterns about preppers, survivalists, racists and even tossed in comments about the OKC bomber, Tim McVey and even the ‘uni-bomber’. 

Well, it pissed me off.

Here is a young, know nothing, telling me how prepping is unfair to the rest of the world. How prepping is all about hoarding food and supplies just for yourself. How so many preppers are just, and I quote, ‘like those psycho nut jobs on the weird TV shows’, end quote.  And then she started in with how preppers and other racists like them are the reason Donald Trump was elected, instead of a good woman like Hillary Clinton.

Now … this site is not about politics.  It never was intended to be about such.  And this post is not about politics, either.  This is about ‘mindset’.

The mindset of having what you need, on hand to get through the next whatever. 

Is it a mindset to want to reduce your carbon footprint?  Sure it is, and I hope that information on this site will help people do exactly that.  Carbon footprint is not really a mindset I follow, but many of the cost saving measures to reduce dependency on the electric and gas companies help reduce that footprint.

A good mindset is how someone takes what they have and makes do to get to where they want to be.  Blow a tire while on a road trip, in the rain and snow, late at night?  One mindset is to call Tripple A and wait for a tow truck.  And this is a perfectly legitimate mindset.  Another mindset is to brave the weather and change the tire yourself.  The better mindset is to have already changed a tire, before and to know where all the tools are, how to get to them, how to use them and how to stow them, when done.


The prepper mindset is not about overthrowing the government.  It is about being prepared to make it through any storm that may present itself.  Be it the flat tire or something much worse.

What is your mindset?